Sunday, February 03, 2008

come see the new and blog!

Dear Friends,
I have exciting news. As of February 1. 2008, I will no longer post to this Blogspot.

Instead, Please come see me at the new, expanded Speaking Up!

I have two blogs within the new one is my Heartfeldt Politics Blog, where I want you to come, read, and post often. It will be frequently updated, and it also contains many helpful tips and links for taking action.

You'll also find a group blog which I call a U-Blog. The topic is my new book co-written with Kathleen Turner about her life, Send Yourself Roses. This will be great fun as we all share our own experiences and send-yourself-roses moments.

You can sign up for feeds of both these blogs, as well as my newsletters.

Every day, there will be something new about my favorite topics of Women's lives, politics, health, media, and leadership. I'm adding podcasts, and who know what else will find its way on to Speaking Up! So I very cordially invite you not just to show up but to speak up there often.


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Brandon said...

Hi Gloria, great blog! I love your website and am thrilled by the work you do. Brandon

Anonymous said...

Holy bad advertising copy, Batman. Be careful Brandon. This cougar could be on the prowl for action if she likes the the spanking she got from Laura Ingram. It won't do much good if you try to tell her you don't like women, since she clearly doesn't either. Ah feminism. Shamefully reduced from the epic struggle for women's equality to a cheap way for unattractive and inarticulate women to gain access to the main stream. Just watch it Brandon, you shouldn't flirt unless your ready to put out.

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Anonymous said...

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