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Newsletter: June 1, 2006

June 2006

"The simplest explanation of any phenomenon is nine times out of ten truer than a really fancy one."--Occam's Razor, or The Law of Parsimony

An occasional newsletter from Gloria Feldt, May 8, 2006,

So this month, I'll keep it as simple as Occam's Razor because I'm really busy, but I want to tell you about some highlights.

My New Book (or how I'm going to spend my summer vacation)
I am very excited to tell you that Kathleen Turner and I are writing a book about her life lessons, to be published in September, 2007, by Springboard (Time Warner Book Group's imprint that targets baby boomers). The book is tentatively named Take the Lead, Lady! We love the title because it came from a moment when we were shuttling around town from publisher's office to publisher's office to pitch the book. At one point, Kathleen, my agent Karen Gantz Zahler, and I tumbled out of an elevator, clueless about which way to turn to find the office where out next appointment was to be. Kathleen boomed, in her most imperiously Kathleen voice, "Take the lead, Lady!". It's going to be a very fun, smart, interesting book with lots of dish. I can't wait to be able to tell you more. And if you want to find me this summer, I'll be glued to my computer.

Other book news
What an honor to be included among outstanding women in Willa Shalit's recently released book, Becoming Myself: Reflections on Growing Up Female. I'm page 77, between Susan Stamberg and Patti LaBelle. Proceeds from this book go to four wonderful organizations that work to better women's and girls' lives. It's a delightful, inspiring Mother's Day gift. Click here for more information.

And speaking of books, I recently attended a swishy party for Joe Klein and his new book....(Read on, my latest political commentary on the blog )

The "War on Contraception" is finally recognized by the New York Times!

O'Reilly has a thing about hardhats
To read a transcript of my recent interview on the O'Reilly Factor regarding an excellent ad campaign by Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, Click here.

Dangly Earring story of the month from Patricia Ireland, labor lawyer and past president of NOW:
Hi Gloria--
How great to know where you are and what you're doing!

To celebrate being sixty I got a beautiful new tattoo on my back. It's an absolutely gorgeous phoenix, and it joins a dragon that I got in my fifties. Having colorful tattoos on my back pleases me. They are my secret and my absolute claim to my own body. Together the dragon & phoenix are a male-female symbol in Chinese iconography.To me they represent an expression of my individuality, creativity, and a little touch of fantasy.

Hope you're enjoying your dangly earrings!

Best to you,


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